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Aero Approved Lorena Canals Rug

Cuddles and snacks on our new @lorenacanalsrugs. Shhh, don’t tell Joel. 🤫😼✨

People might think we’re crazy receiving a pastel colored @lorenacanalsrugs before having Baby Plotnik. Think of all the baby mess she’s about to get all over this thing! No worries here because @lorenacanalsrugs are all machine-washable and fit into our standard apartment washer and dyer. Good thing because Aero is just as obsessed with how comfy this rug is as I am (currently has his pink elephant fuzz all over it) and I’ve been eating all my strange but good snacks on the floor (like carrots and peanut butter). 🤰🏻🙏🏻

Click here for this Hippy Yellow @lorenacanalsrugs. It gives our living room so much life since most of our interior is grey. Which pastel color would you choose?😅⚡️