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Skincare and Makeup Routine

I have never been one to spend more than ten minutes washing my face and putting on my makeup. Hair is a different story that I’m saving for another day. I was SO bummed when my skin took a turn for the worse seven months ago. Think under the skin, painful acne that would hang around for weeks with no sign of going away. My normal skincare routine wasn’t working and I really wanted to give up after four months of wacky skin. I turned to my skincare guru gal pal The True Spoon and my sister in law Mallory for guidance because just like motherhood, I takes a village to get your skin under control. 

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I switched my cleansing products, the masks I use, bought a facial steamer, and got an IPL laser treatment and microneedling. It wasn’t easy to invest in my skin but I am so happy I did! It came down to the fact that I only have one face so why not spend a little extra to take care of it. I am linking everything I am using now below in hopes of it helping you!

Morning routine:


Nighttime routine:

Masks I use 1-2 times each a week after I steam my face (I steam my face 2-3 times a week):

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Please remember that not every product works for everyone. I did four months of trial and error before finding what works best for my skin type. I have combination skin that’s oily and dry in random areas… not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse. Haha! Let me know if you try any of these products. I’d love to know how they work for you. Cheers!

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Wake Up and Be Nourished with Burts Bees

Wake up and be nourished. 🐝🥑 #selfcarewithburts #ad


Nourishing our body on the outside is just as important as nourishing our body on the inside. I spent my younger years filling my body with low quality foods and putting skincare products on my face with unnatural ingredients. But not anymore! For the last five years my favorite mornings have started with hydrating foods like avocado, extra virgin olive oil and nourishing my skin with @burtsbees sensitive skincare line. I feel my best after starting my morning like this and I’m never going back to my old ways. 🧖🏻‍♀️💫


Here’s a morning tip for you: set your alarm 20 minutes earlier to ensure you have time for a nourishing morning routine. Drink a green juice, eat some avocado toast, and enjoy a face mask. Your day will be ten times better because you took those extra minutes for yourself. You deserve it! 🤤🙏🏻


Comment below how you’d start your start your nourishing morning and tag a friend who may need this encouragement too. 😍🍞 #myburtsbees #whatrobineats