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That *NEW * NEW* Swisse Clay Masks and Jellies! In collaboration with Swisse.

When you love a product so much that you try to reach through the screen to share it with the world. 

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I have gone through so many products, too many to count, and was truly starting to believe there were zero products for me. But then the heavens opened up and the new Swisse Australian clay masks came into my life. Made with transparently sourced ingredients like blood orange, Manuka honey, matcha tea, cranberry, dragon fruit, turmeric and shiitake mushroom (and without sulfates, paraben or any harsh chemicals), Swisse delivers on the same premium and proven pillars as all of its other supplement products. My favorite mask of the bunch is their Cranberry Pore Perfecting Clay Mask with dragon fruit & Australian pink kaolin clay. My face is noticeably more refined and tighter with just one use. I was honestly shocked at how quickly I noticed the results!

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The Swisse magic doesn’t stop there. The new Swisse jellies offer a portable vitamin alternative to pills and gummies that fit perfectly into my busy lifestyle. Especially the focus boost! Their focus boost jelly contains Cera-Q, Yerba mate, and green tea extract in a blueberry cherry flavor. It helps support brain function, memory recall, and concentration. Aka all things I needed the last two weeks while solo-momming it. You simply tear the top off and enjoy. I don’t think wellness has ever been this easy!

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I highly suggest checking out both Swisse products whether you’re looking to spice up your skincare routine or have a new wellness supplement on hand (both products are 20% off on Amazon until December 23rd!!!!!). I have had the face masks and jellies in my life for the last two months and I couldn’t be more pleased! Click here to find out more and to grab both the clay masks and jellies for yourself. Now who’s ready to for a Swisse clay face mask party with a side of jellies?


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#whatrobinfavors – June top five

Another month has flown by and I cannot believe it. As of yesterday, Poppy is TEN MONTHS old. You better believe I’m already planning her first birthday party because the closer it gets the more my brain becomes total mush. My sweet little gal is growing up!


A new month means I have a new top five for my monthly series. I’m thinking of calling it #whatrobinfavors, thoughts? Shoutout to everyone who suggested names for this series, they were all so creative but this one stuck out to me most.

Food: Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies, do I even need to explain? I’ll be honest, I was SO bummed when I pulled these bad boys out of the oven. They were flatter than flat and I didn’t think they’d be worth tasting. Joel begged to differ and said they looked good to him so I let them cool to at least take one bite. At first bite my mouth was salivating and my tastebuds went straight to a bakery cookie I’ve had in the past. Lesson learned: don’t judge a cookie by it’s cover. Click here for the recipe!

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Drink:  If you’ve been following me over on the gram then you know I’m hooked on my cold brew chagaccino. I had my first chagaccino at Alfred last month in LA and was really sad to know I couldn’t go to Alfred everyday to get one. After a couple test recipes I finally got it right! I might be biased but I think my Chagacchino is better than Alfred’s.😊

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Exercise: When we left LA last year I was really bummed to be moving away from FlyWheel. I had been spinning at FlyWheel for the last four years and couldn’t imagine enjoying spin as much anywhere else. That is until I took a RushCycle class. I had heard great things about the class and all the instructors so I thought, “why not?!”. It’s free for your first ride so I wasn’t losing anything taking one class. Five minutes into the class I knew this was my new FlyWheel. RushCycle has a tech pack so you know your gear and speed, the ambiance during class is so fun with the blacklight feature, and the instructor was killing it! The workout was challenging but not too hard where you weren’t able to keep up. Anyone at any fitness level can step into RushCycle feeling confident that they will have a good workout. I now go four times a month and all the instructors I’ve taken are great. I highly recommend taking a RushCycle class at least once!

Item to wear: My postpartum body has been all over the place. A month postpartum I had lost a lot of my pregnancy weight (thank you breastfeeding!) but my hips had expanded a solid 2 inches from giving brith. I’ve been avoiding purchasing new jeans up until this last month. It felt so good to get rid of the jeans and jean shorts I’ve been holding onto because I really don’t see my hips going back anytime soon. If they ever do I’ll deal with that when the time comes, but I bought new Levi’s 501 high rise shorts last week! It feels SO nice to wear jean shorts that fit. If you’re waiting for the time to purchase new jeans/jean shorts, the time is now! Go to an outlet store or utilize apps like Poshmark. I’ve purchased three pairs of Madewell jeans for less than half the price on Poshmark and sold a lot of my clothes there too. You can shop my closet here!

A favorite of Pop’s: Bath time with Poppy is becoming so sweet as she grows but now that she’s growing her sink baths aren’t possible anymore. Joel did some googling and found the PRIMO EuroBath. It fits right in the tub and has a little section for 0-6 months and another section for 6-24 months. People have asked how we store if and we just leave it in our second bathroom tub. Poppy loves being able to sit up and play with her farm animal bath toys. She can stop growing now, k thanks.

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What are you loving this month? Have a drink you’re obsessed with or an item you can’t stop wearing? Comment below because I need to know. Happy Tuesday friends!